Zscaler is an American cloud-based information security company that helps thousands of global organizations transform into cloud-enabled operations. Zscaler provides an architectural approach to secure IT transformation and create fast, secure connections between users and applications, regardless of device, location.


Information management, Systems, Network management software

Business Challenges

  • Understanding complex business requirement and delivering E2E functional test cases.
  • Understanding the existing Apttus CPQ behavior.
  • Sprint testing done manually on multiple browsers and was expected to be completed in very stringent timelines.
  • Handling complex workflows based on various criteria and sub-categories.
  • Product rules and price rules validations for 500+ products.
  • To ensure that the serial flow of business process is as per the users, roles, profiles and permission sets.

About the client

The client is one of the world’s leading automotive voice assistants who provide products along the line of creating intelligent, flexible, smart, and fast in-car experiences. The client is uniquely placed in the automotive, and industrial automation market. With deep integration with cars and the flexibility to bring drivers’ expansive digital life into the car, they have created advanced automotive automation


Automotive, Industrial, Industrial automation, Hitech

It’s a familiar story: An entry-level accounting system no longer meets the needs of a business that may have started using it only a few years before. There’s more inventory to manage, or more customers to track, or new global markets to conquer, or new ideas for services and products to launch. Perhaps the system can’t meet the complex regulatory or legal requirements necessary to push into a new stage of growth. Often, issues arise when the company is trying to obtain and manage a new loan or additional funding round and it can’t easily provide the financial reporting needed to get the money.

Every business is different, but every successful one will eventually hit this pivotal point. And what you decide to do can make all the difference in shaping your company’s story.

Jade Global is a Salesforce Crest Partner. Offering end-to-end, enterprise CRM services and solutions, Jade Global has a client footprint of over 400+ projects worldwide. Our comprehensive suite of CRM services ranges from consulting, implementation, development, to integration and managed services which support Sales Cloud, Revenue Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Partner Community Cloud and PaaS (force.com).

Our CRM services have been architected from the ground up to provide our customers with the results they need. The Combination of our industry leading CRM solutions and our services is unrivaled in today’s market. Our tiered solution offers the perfect blend of flexibility and structure for your implementation needs.

The current semiconductor chip supply shortage is impacting almost every business around the world. Even the most unassuming of businesses can feel the squeeze. It ranges from technology to retail and just about everything in between. The crisis we’re facing has been caused by a perfect storm of worldwide shortages of semiconductor chips, that is undeniably the new age god even to the most agnostic soul.

it is becoming increasingly important for global industries to make a transition from a reactive approach to a proactive one. For supply chains around the world this is a declaration to urgently take steps to mitigate risks while improving supply chain visibility.

The IT and Business Disconnect

What if, you could easily reconnect to business value which is driven by IT KPIs? With the footprint of IT/ Operations team, organizations may be able to develop KPIs which could directly impact business critical issues. And help justify investments in IT projects to CxO. …

About the Client

The India subsidiary of this German automotive manufacturing heavyweight deals with automobiles. They deal with different segments i.e., Parts, Warranty, Sales and Services. It offers more than 25 models to its customers via 225 plus dealership facilities.



Products & Services

  • Automobiles
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Internal combustion engines
  • Motorcycles
  • Turbomachinery
  • Insurance
  • Leasing

Jade Global’s Tier 2 support project and module enhancement for a German automotive manufacturing heavyweight India Subsidiary who was dealing with massively spread users and applications in its organization.

Jade Global’s unique migration recipe can help your organization migrate faster from on-prem legacy data warehouse to Snowflake — The First Cloud Native Platform.

Jade Global facilitates and prepares your business for a strong Snowflake ecosystem that provides you with the flexibility of self-service, open data models, and analytics in the Cloud.

Its modern architecture breaks away from the legacy limitations of relational databases so you can focus on innovating, rather than reinventing old problems. This allows you to unlock insights faster, scale as needed without downtime, and lower operational costs.

ade Global, a Cloud Transformation partner helps enterprises across various industry and business sectors to understand, implement, and manage their Cloud ecosystems. …

As digital transformation and IoT adoption continue to increase, legacy integration solutions have become more complex and expensive to manage.

How could a platform that’s been around for 10 years handle the demand of integrating with hundreds of thousands of companies? Legacy platforms for business application delivery were designed from…

Jade Global

Strategic IT Services Partner helping clients achieve rapid digital transformation and long-term business growth.

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